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Version numberCore goalEstimated release time
v0.6.0The black screen operation (kubectl) under K8s has reached GA status; the preview version of the console is released to improve the ease of installation and deployment2023-01
v0.7.0The official version of the console is released, integrating observables out of the box2023-02
v1.0.0Overall reached GA status2023-05
v1.1.0Enhance the microservice gateway related capabilities in the console function; support installation and deployment under non-K8s2023-07
v1.2.0Supports use as the network layer of Knative; supports ARM architecture deployment; supports docking with Consul2023-08
v1.3.0Fully support GatewayAPI; support Operator mode deployment2023-09
v1.4.0Launched WASM Plugin Marketplace2023-10